Why TBAN is the right choice for investors

For independent investors who are interested in startups, TBAN has a network that connects with government agencies to support startups in various fields. This makes it easier for investors to access affordable and quality startups in many fields. Moreover, these startups are also screened by government agencies and have received awards from winning in competitions and from research and grants.

Apart from its internal network, TBAN also has a network of independent foreign investor alliances through the WBAF World Business Angel Investment Forum and with the Thailand office for WBAF on behalf of the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) to exchange experiences and to attract interesting deals from overseas and as an intermediary that connects with other business networks for its investor members.

There is also an insider update of the startup industry with the procurement of investment deals,  startup screening, pitching staging and access to various benefits and facilitating investors to access government services for tax purposes and for the process of providing documents for entry or exit visas.

Meeting startup needs with TBAN

Startups can be a nascent business that are just beginning activities and who want to bring products and services to market, or they can be more mature and already have some customers and want to expand their market, or they can be businesses that have been growing for a while and want to expand their business by leaps and bounds. TBAN has independent investors who are open to all interesting ideas. There are unlimited business categories and industrial experiences that will help connect business partners and expand markets, as well as to coordinate with government agencies that support startups and innovations, with experience in business administration, finance, and business management, marketing and technology from each independent investor.

The association provides activities for startup members.

– From the beginner level, providing pitching techniques, business model canvases and financial knowledge for people lacking in this.
– At the intermediate level, providing business incubation, mentoring and coaching.
– At the expansion level (Roll up step), providing business matching and practical training along with virtual business simulation.
– Along with activities to help “sharpen the knuckles” of doing business, including advanced pitching, powerful sales negotiations and cost budgeting. In addition, there are free-of-charge seminars conducted twice a year.

Come and join us to develop and strengthen the Thai startup ecosystem

Access to a network of local and international angel investors to further develop projects together, access to existing startups and to jointly promote startup businesses in the form of projects or activities to present business ideas (pitching events) with opportunities to listen to and exchange views from investors and startups.

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