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When the journey of a talented startup meets with professional dream builders – angel investors at the TBAN – successfulness together is a win-win
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TBAN is a gathering of angel investors who use their personal wealth to invest in startups. The beginning of TBAN was made by participants in the QBAC+ (Qualified Angel Investor Certificate) course of the WBAF (Business school of World Business Angel Investment Forum) Business school and Thailand’s Software Park. Attending this first QBAC+ training course in Thailand in November 2020 were 11 persons out of the 28 who joined to establish TBAN. In addition to being a national network, TBAN is also affiliated with WBAF, a network that is linked to the Business Angel Network overseas.


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The ultimate angel investor teams are not only full of expertise and extensive experience but they are the support that inspires and leverages dreams of startups to enable them to come true together.


Startups looking for sponsors or organizations related to the investment ecosystem can be part of the TBAN family at