The ultimate angel investor teams are not only full of expertise and extensive experience but are support to inspire and make startup dreams come true together.

Amarit Charoenphan

Pre seed, Seed, Pre series A
Area of interest
Education technology, Service technology, Food technology

I'm the Head Coach and Partner at The Omelet, an award-winning innovation builder based in Bangkok, Thailand and the ASEAN Director of Impact Collective (IC), a community-driven investment and acceleration project for impact-driven start-ups focusing on opportunities in Asia. IC invests in, supports, and connects start-ups that are solving global challenges to accelerate their positive impact in the world.
I am best known as the Former CEO and currently Executive Chairman and co-founder of HUBBA, Thailand’s first co-working space and community that is part of the Google for Startups Partner Network. I am also the Former Chief Connection Officer and Cofounder of Techsauce, one of Southeast Asia's leading technology media and events company and the brains behind Techsauce Global Summit, one of the biggest and top 3 best Tech conferences in Asia
My passion for building the start-up community over the past 8 years and to help entrepreneurs grow has led him to angel invest in many of the top startups and actively mentors and coaches over 100+ different startups founders annually. I am also a Fellow of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) in New Zealand, Obama Foundation Leaders: Asia Pacific inaugural cohort.

Sumate Laksitanonta

Pre seed, Seed, Pre series A
Area of interest Digital and ecommerce, IoT, AI and blockchain, Robotics and automation, Service technology, Medical technology, Medical devices, Food technology, Energy-related technology, Aviation and logistics, Material technology, Biotechnology, Agriculture technology

Introduction As a former executive in the energy business and an experienced investor, I am capable of supporting any start-ups, not only with capital but also with my business expertise and network

Niti Mekmok

Pre seed, Seed
Area of interest Digital and ecommerce, IoT, AI and blockchain, Robotics and automation, Medical technology, Medical devices, Biotechnology, Agriculture technology

Introduction I’m the Founder and CEO of Synergy Technology, Synergy Innovation and Synergy Group (Holding), President of Thai IoT Association. I have been in the electronics Industry for 29 years, being a Smart Solutions Provider for 5 years. I am interested to invest in the smart start-ups in any sectors Min. investment amount: 500K THB per year

Pragasit Thitaram

Pre seed, Seed, Pre series A
Area of interest Education technology, AI and blockchain, Robotics and automation, Service technology, Medical devices

Introduction I'm the owner of a leading HR service business in Thailand which has experience in service for HRM and HRD for more than 28 years. I am an active investor that focuses on investing in many listed companies and in many tech start-ups in Thailand
Min. investment amount : $10k per year
Notable Investments StockRadars, SkillLane, Onedee, QueQ, Makub, Daywork, Devcurate, Vonder, Wellios

Metha Jaratanakorn

Pre seed, Seed
Area of interest Service technology, Medical technology, Medical devices, Food technology, Material technology, Biotechnology, Agriculture technology, Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Introduction I'm the founder and CEO of CIP Value Co., Ltd. since 2012. I have provided consulting on innovation development, IP Strategy, and overseas business strategies for the Government and the private sector. I'm seeking smart start-ups in the food and healthcare area

Worrapol Koomsin

Pre seed, Seed, Pre series A
Area of interest IoT, Medical devices, Food technology, Material technology, Biotechnology, Agriculture technology

Introduction I'm interested in start-ups that are working in the fields of nanotechnology, wearable technology as well as future food. I've incubated 50+ start-ups focusing on pre-seed to series A.

Apichai Sakulsureeyadej

Pre seed, Seed, Pre series A
Area of interest Digital and ecommerce, AI and blockchain, Service technology, Tourism and wellness

Introduction I founded my previous company and did a successful IPO. I am an active angel investor in the Southeast Asian region. I am passionate about digitizing traditional industries. My current portfolio of investments include start-ups in media, home services and big data

Dr Poonsak Artamnuayvipas

Seed, Pre series A, Series A
Area of interest Digital and ecommerce, Robotics and automation, Service technology, Tourism and wellness, Medical technology, Medical devices, Food technology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Introduction I have been interested in start-ups for many years and have just joined the Angel investor network since 2020. As the global economy has been changing very rapidly, I see a lot of potential in start-ups to become a unicorn. Min. investment: starting from 100,000 THB

Natasak Rodjanapiches

Pre seed, Seed
Area of interest Digital and ecommerce, Education technology, IoT, AI and blockchain, Robotics and automation, Service technology, Medical technology, Medical devices, Food technology, Energy-related technology, Biotechnology, Agriculture technology, Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Introduction I started angel investing in 2019 in a number of digital areas including Software, IoT, and Healthcare start-ups, both local and internationally. I also coached and mentored a number of start-up companies in the field of Information Technology, Food Technology, and IoT. Many successes derived from close engagement with founder(s) and their teams thanks to a network of business associates and my past experience managing multinational companies in Thailand and the ASEAN region. I'm fortunate to have close association with many business leaders in Thailand and the region

Yada Suyawej

Pre seed, Seed
Area of interest Digital and ecommerce, Education technology, IoT, AI and blockchain, Robotics and automation, Tourism and wellness, Medical technology, Medical devices, Food technology, Energy-related technology, Aviation and logistics, Agriculture technology, Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

Introduction I love investment, I'm a fan of the concept "letting your money work for you", hence so far I had invested in the stock market and mutual funds until I discovered that the ROI was not so attractive at all, even when I had invested for a long term. Besides being attractive with long-term ROI, I would like to invest in the project or company that creates a breakthrough for human living in specific areas where we always struggle along our lives such as in productive education, healthcare, tourism and green technology

Krissada Chalermsook

Pre seed, Seed
Area of interest Education technology, Social enterprises

Introduction Start-ups are my life since I graduated. I successfully exited with my 3 start-ups in the past. Normally, I invested in Edtech start-ups and I am also interested in Social Enterprise start-ups. Other than these areas, I have tried to invest but I ended up with no passion in it.

Keita Ono

Pre seed, Seed
Area of interest Medical technology, Medical devices, Biotechnology

Introduction I have more than ten years of expertise in business development, technology management and trading technology that facilitates young entrepreneurs and startups with a rich and diverse international investment experience. I am therefore familiar with and interested in investments and organizations that are at the international level.

From the heart


From our investor members

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Nattasak Rojanapiches

Vice President
“Choosing the right startups based on experience of the true experts.”

“Valuable experience of the true startup experts derived from their roots of problems analysis are the solutions and help us save time selecting the right startups. Investors can exchange and obtain diverse perspectives that help them shorten time to achieve their goals. Being a TBAN member open their views for any feasible innovations of products and services. However, the most important is the “Pitching” period that they will have a chance to listen to variety of questions, including business model, financial model, business possibility as well as the answers that help fulfill their opinions before making decision of investment. They can freely choose the right startups or co-invest with other investors. Eventually, this unaccustomed route begins to glow when the experts pave the way supporting and giving suggestion. The road of success for angel investors taking startups to achieve their dreams is not too distant.

Dr. Poonsak Artam-nouyvipas

Vice President
“Thai startups have plenty of good ideas but they lack support.”

I used to be unconfident in startup business before being an angel investor and joining TBAN because I thought it was a risky business and it’s unfamiliar to me, unlike being a doctor or entrepreneur for over 30 years. However, the real experience in my life has served supporting startups who have lots of risk factors including finance, marketing, and connection. Thai startups have plenty of good ideas, but they lack support, the good ideas thus must be supported. We will also issue a certificate, accepted by international, to startups so that they can propose to other angel investors or VCs and promote them to be a unicorn of standard academic program. Emerging startups will be incubated to be able to compete in the global stage. The founding of TBAN composed of experts has strengthened the startup ecosystem as investors have more confidence and are ready to sustainably grow.

Dr. Sarut Wanichphan

Director of Sea (Thailand), the unicorn behind the success of Garena, Shopee.
"The important things from the association are that we make fewer missteps and no success can occur without learning from mistakes.”

Originally, before joining the association, I thought that if you believe in any startup, you should go ahead to invest. But, after training I realized that if you are just starting out you should sign up as a group investment and not to lead your own investment since we can follow an experienced person and then accumulate experience to be stronger. Then it's not too late to go solo or become a lead investor in other groups. Moreover, we are eager to be part of the Angel group that helps new Thai startups to grow and be the next unicorn and we hope to invest in startups to create a product for society. And not every startup is successful. Joining the association is one thing that is very important "in helping us to make fewer mistakes". We start with a lack of knowledge and taking part in the association as our ‘guide’ helps us to make fewer mistakes. No success can grow without learning from failure.

What People Say About Us​

Great stories from startups that I am eager to tell


Panrasee Ritthipravat

Aim Global Innovation Co.
From the developer of a learning platform for primary school children, stimulating and inspiring more than 7 million children to enjoy the development of AI and who would like to bring this fun to children around the world. Currently, he is pitching with TBAN as an entrepreneur seeking a strategic partnership and building network connections to push research outcomes to the global market quickly and because they need a friend who is a mentor rather than wasting their time. There is a need of thinking partners that can be consultants rather than wasting time “looking for a needle in a haystack". Investors will meet with both Thai and international startups to give them insights on the expansion to the international market and from this point on "we see Angel investments as a jigsaw puzzle that will help get grants from the state for researchers developing prototypes to help them to commercialize successfully. Angel investors are like a consultant that mentors and guide us with a systematic framework for to bring products to the commercial market in the first phase since, currently, researchers still lack industry business perspectives.” And in the next 1-2 years, Thailand will have an ecosystem that pushes research to the market faster, especially software, but also hardware and robots that still lack an internal structure that supports a full range of production.

Atchara Poomee

Executive Director of PAC Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.
Before I knew about TBAN, I used to seek out for funds and networks to expand a market for green products and energy saving innovations including solar-powered AC and energy-efficient water heaters, and to target both domestic and international businesses in healthcare – hospitals, spa & Onsen. My first pitch event with TBAN was so different from what I have experienced. I was impressed with how welcoming the TBAN committees were and how they chose to have a one-on-one follow-up for further tasks. This is a good start for fundraising and it will help SMEs with innovations to establish business networks. Meeting with angel investors creates an opportunity to build a network of alliances in order to improve sales performance and marketing and increase sales volume. Angel investors are not just sources of funds, but they are consultants who can bring in their networks. Besides, I’d love to see the government sector take more actions to support SMEs’ innovations. Although there are lists of Thailand innovations existing, the registration process is still troublesome. IP registration also takes time to complete, which can cause a loss of market opportunities. If the government helps with competitions, the private sector may be able to compete better in the markets.

Aon Warangkhana Phanwanich

Owner of AquaTrek Pet treadmill for pets
National Innovation Awards Winner in the category of Economic Contribution, Small and Micro Enterprise

I started from being a vet, but I still wanted to pursue other dreams. To do those things, I’ve got support from my family and friends. Recently, I’ve received a government grant and was able to invent an aquatic treadmill for elderly. The innovation helps absorb the shock and improves the quality of exercise. Before meeting with TBAN, I used to seek sources of funds from banks, but they didn’t understand our company’s values. This is one of the problems that cause difficulties for Thai startups. Ultimately, I pitched my ideas to TBAN. I still remember their warm welcome. It felt like going to your kind relatives for advice. Another problem was that my business idea never existed in the market. All I could do when receiving valuation from the bank was to compare my innovation to similar products. After consulted with TBAN, I was more confident about developing our ideas. Angels and venture capital are a major mechanism to complete a jigsaw for talented startups and to convert research into business opportunities. Without them, despite getting government grants to create a prototype, it could go to waste.

Nick (Nicolas) Frauenfelder

Falling in love with Chiang Mai, a Swiss startup in Thailand is passionate about food tech sustainability, creating plant-based cheese for vegans.
Nick had his first pitching with TBAN and has never experienced any fundraising because his business had been running well and profitable with one megaton capacity per month. However, he had a plan of business expansion, upscale to 10 megatons for the overseas market and applying for GMP ISO certified besides the FDA.

Questions raised by investors opened new perspectives and inspired Nick, leading him to better understand their interests. “We were so busy back then and might overlook some details, but the pitching enabled us to work harder for better results.”

“Detailing and precise information is very much essential to establishing investor attention, especially financial data, profitability, market size, business scaling and supply chain management. We are in the growing food-tech business, serving hotels and restaurants all over the country in which competition is less. Conversations with the investors led us to expand the business channel as we could access the distribution of Tops Supermarket.”

If the government can offer low-interest rate financial loans for the first three-year business operation together with a special price of trade shows or trade events, it will open more opportunities to startups as they can have good liquidity.


Startups that seek support or organizations that are related to the investment ecosystem can be part of our TBAN family at

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