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Thailand Business Angel Network (TBAN)

TBAN is a gathering of angel investors who use their personal wealth to invest in startups. The beginning of TBAN was made by participants in the QBAC+ (Qualified Angel Investor Certificate) course of the WBAF (Business school of World Business Angel Investment Forum) Business school and Thailand’s Software Park. Attending this first QBAC+ training course in Thailand in November 2020 were 11 persons out of the 28 who joined to establish TBAN. In addition to being a national network, TBAN is also affiliated with WBAF, a network that is linked to the Business Angel Network overseas.

Objectives of TBAN

To act as a coordinator of networking between groups of investors, to make investment more efficient, to minimize risk, to increase bargaining power and to support startups by assisting in business matching to create a mutual commitment between investors and startups.

Investor section

TBAN has a network of investors specializing in different fields with a variety of expertise and combines their experience and skills with the exchange of opinions and knowledge while sharing the resources that each person has to  reduce the risk of making mistakes by closing the gap. Collaboration also increases the amount of money available while providing increased bargaining power and supports the analysis of startups that offer new ideas.

Startup section

Startups will open doors to partner networks with a target customer base and increase the opportunity to reach a group of investors with expertise in a variety of fields. In addition, they provide accumulated experience and are fully-equipped with capital. Meanwhile, it is also possible to exchange knowledge and capabilities to unlock potential and to provide training for startups on how to be successful as well.

TBAN believes that this mission will support investment in local startups and will drive the injection of funds from investors into the economy that will provide more innovation and growth and will generate more sustainable revenue from startups.


Globally recognized as a center of excellence for angel investing to drive Thailand’s future.

To be a globally-recognized center of excellence in Angel Investing to drive a strong and sustainable Thai economy in the new world, or to be a globally-recognized center of excellence for independent investors to drive the Thai digital economy to b strong and sustainable.


To serve as a network in the ecosystem for supporting qualified angel investors in making individual investments of their choices.

To provide knowledge and expertise for angel investors, startups, and stakeholders.

To serve as an access point for inbound and outbound overseas investments.

Our commitment is to create an ecological chain that embraces outstanding angel investors in order to support individual investments suitably and appropriately.

  1. To transfer knowledge and expertise to angel investors, including startups and stakeholders.
  2. To coordinate services to connect foreign investments, both inbound and outbound.

Association's structure

The personnel in the association comprise expert advisors on organizational management policy, led by the President of the Association, along with the Secretary-General of the Association, the Treasurer, Public Relations officer and members of the association.

The work of personnel in the association is streamlined, with an emphasis on working in harmony in three areas: domestic affairs, international affairs and academic work.



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